The Cecil Steakhouse and Minton's Playhouse has 4 rooms available for your next special occasion!

3 Lounge.jpg

The Lounge

For an informal gathering

Capacity: 75 - 100 Guests
Equipped with: Piano, Projector and DJ Booth

3 Dining Room.jpg

Main Dining Room

For the formal gathering

Capacity: 199 Guests

Baccus Room.png

The Baccus Room

For an intimate gathering

Capacity: 30 - 60 Guests
Equipped with: Audio & Video Capabilities

2 Mintons Room..jpg

Minton's Playhouse

For an elegant gathering

Capacity: 75 - 100 Guests

Equipped with: Piano, Projector, Audio System, Performance Stage.

Outside Catering Available!